The Challenge

Let's begin by setting up the challenge we're tackling.

Put on your lawyer hats, because today we are going to become Chief of Compliance at!

Our employees are constantly performing actions that may or may not be compliant with our company's policies. We need to classify these actions as compliant or non-compliant to make sure that all our employees are following the company's rules and regulations.

Here's an example of a compliant action:

I am going to eat a banana.

And here's an example of a non-compliant action:

I am going to drag race in the parking lot.

As lawyers, we're experts in the field of compliance. But we have better things to do than manually classify actions all day! So, we're going to use LLMs to help us out.

Our challenge is to build a prompt that can correctly classify actions as compliant or non-compliant.

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